The Institute for Aerospace Education wins Aviation Achievement Award

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The Institute for Aerospace Education has been presented the 2013 Aviation Achievement award by the Kentucky Aviation Hall of Fame.

Since its beginning in 2010, The Institute has strived to better STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education for the youth of Kentucky, according to Dr. Tim Smith, founder of The Institute.

He said he understood that students are better engaged and learn more when standards are integrated with motivating, real-world, and relevant connections such as aerospace.

The Institute has worked with high schools, local airports, post secondary institutions, and the aerospace industry to develop this program. Students from Institute schools are provided direct experience and four years of coursework in seven different pathways including: professional flight, aeronautical engineering, aerospace computer engineering, space systems engineering, aviation operations/management, air traffic control, and aircraft maintenance.

Students in the Institute are provided the opportunity to earn industry certifications, such as the Private Pilot and dual college credit in each of these pathways.

From humble roots in Frankfort, the Institute has grown to include 23 high schools throughout the state.

The 2013 Aviation Achievement award was presented to the Institute at a ceremony held in the Aviation Museum of Kentucky. Accepting the award was Smith, as well as five students representing various schools in the network.

All five students, accomplished seniors, gave short speeches about how their lives have been changed by the experiences at their local IAE school.

Tori Williams, a senior who was recently awarded a flight scholarship from the Ninety-nines, indicated that her goal was to complete her private ticket in high school and then attend Eastern Kentucky University so that she could become a commercial pilot.

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