Save Voodoo 006 campaign nears goal

Earlier this year the Jet Aircraft Museum in London, Ontario, was awarded the opportunity to save a CF-101 Voodoo jet that is currently located in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia.

The retired Canadian Air Force jet represents an important time in Canada’s jet heritage and the Save Voodoo 006 project has been raising funds to save this unique aircraft, museum officials said.

Over the past few months $10,990 was raised through online donations. A museum member also has extended a $10,000 loan to the project, bringing the campaign close to its $25,000 goal.

006 at Cornwallis“With only $5,000 to yet be raised, the team is hoping and planning to save Voodoo #006 … and begin the process of aircraft restoration,” museum officials said.

The Save Voodoo 006 team has been working to line up specialized trucking, as well as a crane for disassembly, and are rounding up the rest of equipment needed for the project, museum officials noted.

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    Thanks for the mention. Right now the jet is slowly making its way back from Nova Scotia to the Jet Aircraft Museum in London Ontario where it will be lovingly repaired and brought back to her former glory.

    Everyone involved with the museum and specifically the Save Voodoo 006 campaign wants to thank the public for their interest and remind them that the museum is 100% volunteer based. Putting 006 back together will be a long and expensive project and they still need your support.

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