First flight: e-Go

The e-Go prototype took to the skies for the first time Oct. 24 in England.

Chief Test Pilot was Keith Dennison for the design, which has been in development for the past 10 years, according to Giotto Castelli, who is leading the effort to bring the one-seat plane to market.

“I believe the canard design can offer great maneuverability and efficient aerodynamics,” he said. “The e-Go adds to that an impressive field of view and a very compact airframe with simple lines which the air likes as much as the eye does. This also allows the weight to be kept to an absolute minimum.”

“The aircraft embodies many novel features and benefits from the aviation authority in the UK relaxing its regulation on very light aircraft,” added Malcolm Bird, executive chairman. “This has allowed e-Go aeroplanes to develop a completely new aircraft in a short time and with the minimum of red tape. It is good to be involved in the revival of a British aviation industry.”

The company, which operates to the north of Cambridge, reports it already has first deposits for aircraft, which will be delivered in 2015.

Video of the first flight can be found here. 

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