Sheltair joins Avfuel network

Sheltair, which has 14 FBOs located across Georgia, New York and Florida, has joined Avfuel’s branded FBO network.

All Sheltair locations will offer AVTRIP points and Avfuel Contract Fuel, as well as utilize Avfuel’s processing, operational and training systems.

Sheltair was founded as a construction business by current CEO Jerry Holland in 1963. Its first FBOs opened in 1988. Today, Sheltair is a multi-state company that, in addition to its building and leasing operations, boasts 14 full-service FBOs.

The partnership comes just in time for the 2014 Super Bowl, to be held in New York, according to company officials. With five locations in the area — JFK, LGA, ISP, FRG and FOK — Sheltair is poised to serve those inbound for Game Day. Sheltair’s New York locations will hold special events, award bonus AVTRIP points, and offer ways to save on handling fees for game-day related travel, company officials noted.

Avfuel plans to contribute to Sheltair’s existing promotions with AVTRIP points, giveaways and more.

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