FltPlan offers current fuel prices for 3,300 FBOs

FltPlan is now offering up-to-date fuel price information for more than 3,300 FBOs on its website and mobile apps.

The fuel price listing is designed to offer pilots a single source to look up fuel prices without having to call the FBO or leave the website or app, according to company officials.

FltPlan has hired a dedicated staff to contact FBOs and assist in the fuel price updates. According to the company, it now has four times more retail fuel prices posted than ever before.

“Most of the nation’s largest FBOs send automated fuel price updates,” said Ken Wilson, founder and president of FltPlan. “At smaller airports however, the staff does not have the ability to update fuel on numerous sources, or the fuel is controlled by the city and frequently no one is in charge of posting prices. Airport personnel tell us they are delighted with the program since it doesn’t take time away from their customer service personnel to post prices. Pilots have told us we have the most up-to-date fuel pricing available. With FltPlan’s fuel-price posting a pilot can be confident he is getting current prices.”

The fuel prices appear on FltPlan’s Airport/FBO info page or the Area Fuel Prices page. Both can be found by clicking on the Airports & FBOs button of the Main Menu page and selecting the appropriate link. Pilots can also view pricing on the free FltPlan iPad and Android apps online/offline.

In addition, Wilson explained that FltPlan also offers an FBO fax briefing that allows pilots to notify an FBO before arrival about services needed, such as fuel requirements. This service is tied in with a pilot’s flight plan.

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