First Jubilee CTLSi arrive in U.S.

SOUTH WOODSTOCK, Conn. — When Jubilee was offered by German Light-Sport Aircraft producer Flight Design, the company announced it would be a limited run. Only 25 would be built to commemorate the company’s 25th anniversary. All 25 were sold shortly after the announcement, company officials report.

Now the first of the Jubilee editions are arriving at Flight Design USA, Flight Design’s representative and importer for North America.

“We received additional factory-fresh CTLSi Jubilee Edition models at our Woodstock base,” said Tom Peghiny, President of Flight Design USA. “They are being assembled and inspected by our technical staff to prepare them for the first customer deliveries.”

“According to Dave Armando, our director of maintenance, both early arriving Jubilee Edition CTLSi exhibited an advanced state of manufacturing quality,” reported John Gilmore, National Sales Director for Flight Design USA. “Once the assembly and FAA acceptance process is complete they will be join the fleet of almost 400 CT variations in the field.”

Flight Design’s Jubilee program offered 25 specially configured CTLSi aircraft with distinctive paint and trim packages and all the most popular options. Those planes sold out rapidly and no more would be produced, company officials said.

With all Jubilee Edition aircraft taken by customers, demand lead to the introduction of an Americas Edition with a uniquely American special paint and accent package. Americas Edition aircraft are priced at $167,700. Each is equipped with the newest digital instruments and features and all come with a full three-year warranty. Peghiny added.

“We believe customers will find our Americas Edition aircraft to be highly appealing,” he said.

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