The Cheapskate’s Guide to Getting Your Pilot’s License

Do you know someone who doesn’t pursue their dream of learning to fly because it costs too much? “The Cheapskate’s Guide to Getting Your Pilot’s License” might be just the ticket for them to get their ticket.

Author Mike Arman, a pilot since 1978 and FAA Advanced Ground School Instructor, guides readers to a license at “half of the retail rate.”

The guide will show you where to spend money, and where you’ll be wasting it, so every dollar is put to work for the student, not someone else, according to Arman.

The book covers buying block time and how much to buy (or not), selecting a flight instructor, dry or wet rentals, avoiding “shiny airplane syndrome,” training schedules, getting your medical, when you’ll solo, what you’ll fly, steam gauges versus glass panels, what costs you can reduce and what you really should pay for, high wing versus low wing, and much, much more.

“This should be the very first book you read if you are interested in learning to fly,” says Arman. “And if you are a pilot, it makes a wonderful gift for anyone you are trying to seduce into aviation.”

The 96-page, softcover books is available at for $23.95.


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