Hornet aircraft heaters at Aircraft Spruce

Now available at Aircraft Spruce is the line of Hornet aircraft heaters.

The heaters are designed to safely heat your engine in environments that are considered to be dangerous.

heaters1The Hornet heaters are hand built, which allows the user to select the thermostat temperatures. The two-stage operation also reduces amp inrush by sequencing the heaters, according to company officials.

The twin heating system means that the possibility of both heaters failing simultaneously is almost nonexistent, company officials said, noting one heating circuit will provide enough heat to prevent engine damage.

Other features include a non-conductive fire rated fiberglass housing, mil-spec wiring, and a three-year warranty.

For more information: AircraftSpruce.com


  1. bryan says


    I am needing a heater to heat the cabin during flight in an as 350 squirrel. do you have a heater that will do this job ??


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