Latest FAA Safety Briefing now online

Delayed because of the government shutdown, the November/December 2013 issue of FAA Safety Briefing is now online.

The issue explores the FAA’s Flight Standards Service efforts in promoting safety within the National Airspace System. Articles focus on the diverse roles and responsibilities of Flight Standards and highlight the contributions of its many safety professionals.

Feature articles in this issue include:

  • “Our Finest Hour” — a look at how the FAA is organized to perform its safety mission (p. 6)
  • “Lifting the Curtain” — meeting the people behind the policies that affect GA (p. 12)
  • “From Aeronca to Zenair” — the basics of buying your own bird (p. 18)

Other features cover the role of the FSDO (p. 10) including a two-page color map of FSDO locations and phone numbers; an inside look at Flight Standards’ Air Transportation Division (p. 22); and a guide to understanding the role of the ASI (p. 25).

The issue’s Aeromedical Advisory department (p. 5) covers some new educational opportunities at FAA’s Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI), while Nuts, Bolts, and Electrons (p. 28) covers some of the essentials before your next major repair or alteration.

The link to the online edition is here


  1. Jack Kenton says

    The Pilot and A/C certification article should have emphasized an item on when one moves and updates his address with the FAA. When I moved, I did that for my airman certificate but, thinking it was all one FAA, I did not think to separately notify your Aircraft Registry people. That, of course, would normally be no big deal except for the government’s decision — a few years ago — to invalidate any aircraft registration that was not updated. As the time for all updates to be completed approached, I finally went through that effort to ask what happened to my paperwork (I think I managed it on my computer). THE FAA A/C REGISTRY KNEW NOTHING OF MY ADDRESS CHANGE.

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