‘A Personal Flyer’s Guide to More Enjoyable Flying’

Capt. David C. Koch, author of “False Security: The Real Story About Airline Safety” and executive director of the Center For Airmanship Excellence, has released a new book, “A Personal Flyer’s Guide to More Enjoyable Flying,” which, he says, “provides guidance for personal flyers on how to adopt a new paradigm in personal flying that makes their flying more enjoyable, more affordable and safer.”

The book delves into the history of airmanship, and Koch illuminates the differences between what he calls “Personal Flying 1.0” (what personal flyers are doing now) and “Personal Flying 2.0” (the way he argues personal flyers should approach flying). Personal Flying 2.0 is based on the way airline and military pilots practice airmanship.

The book also takes “a realistic look at the future of personal flying and what needs to be done to preserve this incredible privilege for future generations,” according to a prepared release. It also “lays out a flight plan for revitalizing personal flying.:  

All proceeds from the book are being donated to the Center For Airmanship Excellence to fund its Airmanship Outreach Program.

A Personal Flyer’s Guide to More Enjoyable Flying is available from Amazon.com.

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