Proviation Pilot Shop expands product line

Proviation Pilot Shop has diversified its range of new products for private pilots and aircraft owners.

The five-year-old family-run company, which serves the European aviation market, has actively sought out new brands, “committed to providing the best quality products which serve a purpose to enhance the joy of flight, and provide a lot more than European consumers had previously been able to purchase,” company officials said in a prepared release.

Established brands that Proviation represents includes Pilot USA, which has produced a wide range of USA-made aviation headsets, covering everything from budget models up to full ANR headsets.

Proviation also stocks a range of aviation parts, including parts for kit-built aircraft. The company represents a number of companies, including Belite Instruments, Trio Avionics and TruTrak flight systems.

Proviation Pilot Shop is most well-known for the range of Proviation Lifestyle products, which include some apparel, such as vintage flying jackets. Again, a taste of the USA is provided in the form of USAF classic flying jackets, such as the G1 jacket.

All of the products made available at Proviation enable consumers to support and purchase these U.S. brands, without having to pay shipping charges and import taxes, company officials noted.

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