Aircraft Spruce now carries aerox oxygen mask

Now available through Aircraft Spruce is the aerox Diluter Demand Mask, an alternative for approved replacements of high altitude masks.

The aerox Quick Comfort series diluter demand mask comes standard with an electret microphone and an inflatable Quick Comfort head harness.

The mask features a carbon fiber construction for light weight, and silicon rubber for a comfortable fit, according to Aircraft Spruce officials. Connectors are available for most built-in systems.

The mask is easily mounted with the available carbon fiber stowage cup.

aerox is also able to manufacture a portable walk-around system with the same outlet plug that is on your aircraft, so you can easily disconnect from the on-board system and plug directly into a portable system allowing mobility.

The 4110-725 series mask is intended to be used by pilots and passengers in the general aviation industry to an altitude of 40,000 feet MSL.

For more information: or 877-477-7823. Reference part number 13-12359

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