Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course updated

Sporty’s online Learn to Fly Course and app has been updated.

The course allows pilots to customize their learning experience and learn at their own pace, according to Sporty’s officials.

In addition to a written test prep feature, the online Learn to Fly Course now includes optional quizzes for users to take immediately after watching the video segments. These quizzes contain actual FAA written test questions to help review and reinforce important topics from the video segments and also help in preparing for the FAA written exam.

When it comes time to study for the written test, users can now better track and review their progress with the addition of enhanced progress reports. In addition to viewing the date, session type and score, users can view each answer choice and see an explanation of why their choice was right or wrong. This new feature can be incorporated into normal study or used with a flight instructor or study group for additional help.

The iPhone and iPad App users now features new iCloud backup and syncing features. Users can watch part of a video segment, stop, and pick back up at the spot they left off on a different device. Progress Reports are also stored in iCloud, keeping all of your test scores and detailed history synced across your iOS devices, officials noted.

“Busy people study when time permits,” said Eric Radtke, president of Sporty’s Academy. “The pause function makes it easy to study 15 minutes here and 10 minutes there picking up right where you left off even on a different device.”

Online and app users continue to gain access to brand new content each time they log-in, at no additional charge. Sporty’s is regularly updating and refining video content, adding graphics and enhancing test preparation.

Users are guaranteed to pass their written, oral and flight tests and can even receive their written exam endorsement right from the course.

Sporty’s online Learn to Fly Course or Learn to Fly App is available for $199.

For more information: or 800-SPORTYS

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