New Strut Camera Mount now at Aircraft Spruce

Now available from Aircraft Spruce is the Strut Camera Mount, which has been specifically designed to mount industry standard action cameras to the wingstrut on Cessna aircraft, including the 150, 152, 170, 172, 180, 182, and 210.

Experimental aircraft utilizing Cessna wingstruts can also use this Strut Camera Mount, according Aircraft Spruce officials.

In addition to aircraft, this Strut Camera Mountcan also be reconfigured to attach to tubular structures between 1.13″ and 2.80″ in diameter. Switching between the wingstrut configuration to the tubular configuration takes seconds.

The patented attachment method ensures that the mount will not mar or damage the wingstrut or tube it is attached to while providing a solid point of attachment, company officials noted.

The camera mounts to a ΒΌ-20 stud attached to the professional ball mount which gives freedom of movement to set up the shot as needed (camera forward, rearward, or sideways). The ball mount is rigid and it acts as a vibration minimizing attachment between the camera and the mounting surface, company officials explain.

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