Hydroswing back in business

DEL MAR, Calif. — Hydroswing, which produces single panel hydraulic door systems, is back. After listening to the needs of the market, and making changes in production and pricing, Hydroswing North America is again open for business, according to company officials.

Hydroswing is now being manufactured in ISO 9001 approved global manufacturing plants worldwide, allowing for a 25% price cost reduction in the final product.

“We’ve made some big changes,” says Vice President of Operations and Technical Sales Martin Chell. “Being the original hydraulic door manufacturer, we have always had an outstanding product. But we knew we had to make some changes and come to our buyers more cost effectively. We have achieved that now and are hitting the market with the same high quality hydraulic doors, but at a bifold price, square foot for square foot. It will be revolutionary for the aviation industry.”

hydroswingAll doors 40’ x 10’ and up to 45’ x 16’ feet are $10,999 for purchase orders received by Jan. 12, including standards to meet a 90 mph wind code (excluding any taxes and freight), company officials said. Florida buyers must add 15% for additional wind load steel requirements.

The Hydroswing retro fits to replace the bifold, stacker, bottom rolling, top hung and sectional panel hangar doors, company officials noted. The doors can be used for new builds, steel, wood or block.

For more information: Hydroswing.com


  1. says

    The customer that was concerned about a late delivery on his door finally got the door only to find out the door frame came less the hydraulic cylinders and the hydraulic pump ! ! He asked me if we could sell him
    the parts needed to get his door working, told him we would borrow him a pump until his arrived !
    Somethings wrong with this issue !

  2. says

    Customer called me and asked how soon he could purchase a hydraulic door from us, because he placed his door order in march and had paid around $ 10,000 not answering e-mails and still no door as of July 9th 2015 ! He ordered his new door for his new hangar! I told the customer we would build a door for him in 10 days , but I encouraged him to hang in there, since he already paid money on the door ! I told them give them a call and keep trying and I wished them luck ! He was planning to move in his new home end of July !

  3. Ronald rains says

    I bought a door and the door was fine. The hydraulic and electrical were a total mess and I had to replace all of it at my cost. no support or warranty available

  4. Raul Rodriguez says

    I called them up earlier this year and was told the company was under new ownership. Some people at the airpark, are telling me this is a lie, the old owner is still there!!

    True or not, i chose not to take the risk and bought my door elsewhere. Nobody deserves to be in business if they already ate so many peoples money and did not deliver their doors.

  5. Mikeal lee says

    I too was one who lost a deposit and was mislead for two months after order was process and paid . Never got a door or money back. I had a very unsatisfied client at that point we chose a different supplier and bought 7 large doors from them the next year. No matter who owns hydro swing that company and its employees lied and stole money from me and many different. It is clear people who were involved in the company before are still involve in some form today.

  6. says

    Just sold all new hinges because the orginal hinges that came with the hydraulic door were
    Pulling off their new door…we were happy to help the customer out ! Few weeks later the distressed contractor called and wanted to see if Schweiss would sell them one of Red Power
    Hydraulic pump, the original pumps had a huge leak and oil was squirting all over the place, so we sold them one of our pumps for their brand new door, they even ordered new cylinders and
    Replace them again with schweiss cylinders, brand new door hardly any orginal parts left on the door… Something is going on here, we we happy to help the contractor out of their problems !

    • Jerry McLauchlin says

      I shall be careful with my response because the owner of HydroSwing is quick to suggest he will sue you. The satetement by Mike Schweiss is factually correct. I will add that initially Mr.Parker was responsive until he realized the extent of cost and damages that his company cost me. To date I have not been compensated for cost Incurred to repair the door. Thanks to the help of Schweiss, my owner has a functional door with hinges and hydraulic pumps capable of handling a 80X22 foot door. Sadley, the only portion we were able to salvage from the original door provided by HydroSwing, was the door frame and jambs. Hyradrulic Cylinders, Pumps and hinges were all scraped and replaced with very heavy duty hinges, hydraulic cylinders and pump provided by Schweiss. If you have questions feel free to call or email me 352-266-0035

  7. dan says

    Word of caution. Google Hydroswing to learn about the huge number of people who lost down payments, had shabby or incomplete installations when this company went out of business a few years ago. My opinion is this company is not on the up and up…

    • JON says

      I share Dan’s opinion. I was one of the people who lost a $5000.00 down payment. Ended up ordering an ICON door. Very satisfied. Compared to several of my neighbors Hydroswing doors, my ICON is way superior in design and construction. ICONs are made in America whereas I understand the new Hydroswings are mostly made in Mexico.

  8. unclelar says

    I have had one in use for 13 years. Only problem I had was a leaking hydraulic line but that was from an installation problem. I love the door. It’s a little slow and creaky during the winter months but that’s not a real problem here in North Georgia. One of the reasons I love it is because you can get a garage door type control and close it or open it while you are outside just like an auto door opener. You just push the airplane out, crank and warm up while closing it. Come back in from flying, open the door and just taxi the airplane to the inside of the hanger. Another benefit from the design is that it offers a nice awning type shade when open. It keeps you out of the sun and rain with a very nice large shelter overhead at any angle you want.

    I was disappointed when the company went out of business. Seems like the design was passed along to different owners and without a good biz plan. Only complaint I would have is that the price has really gone up since 2000 when I bought mine. Can’t remember but I think we might have gotten a special deal since we were the first ones on the field (0GE5) in North Georgia to get one. I think it was around $7k at the time. I haven’t done an official count but I think that there are now some 30 or more on our field. Everyone loves them.

    Bottom line: if you can afford it you have to have it. It’s just way better than any other type of door on the market. Have never heard of anyone who didn’t love it and regretted the purchase. I have convinced many people to get one and they all rave about it.

  9. John says

    Great Product. I have had my Hydroswing door in use for 10 years this month with no mechanical problems. In Florida that is saying something!

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