New editions of Dyer Flight Training Tools released

Dyer Flight Training Tools has released the latest edition of its flight training tools, Ground School Workshop for Private Pilots and Flight Training Workshop for Private Pilots.

These editions reflect recent FAA regulatory changes and ATC procedural changes, including those relating to runway incursion avoidance, according to company officials.

cover2The Ground School Workbook is a set of exercises and study questions matched chapter by chapter to the FAA’s Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge. Student pilots can use the workbook in conjunction with their ground or flight training to gain a deeper understanding of the ground school material, officials noted.

The Flight Training Workbook is a set of exercises and study questions matched chapter by chapter to the FAA’s Airplane Flying Handbook. Student pilots and flight instructors use the workbook in preparation for training flights to better prepare students for the lessons to be learned in the air.

Dyer Flight Training Tools focus on effective instruction methods that take into consideration how people think and learn, according to Dan Dyer, a flight instructor and owner of the San Carlos Flight Center in the San Francisco Bay Area, certified in both airplanes and helicopters.

During his own flight training, he said he was struck both with the amount of information pilots are expected to know and how ineffectively some of the information is taught. With his passion for training effectiveness and his degree in Cognitive Science from UCLA, he said he spends a lot of time trying to understand how people think and learn and creating flight training tools using those insights.

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