New Flight Data Recorder app released

A new Flight Data Recorder Mobile app for the iPhone and iPad has just been released.

The app mimics what an aircraft “black box” does, by recording position, altitude and attitude data, along with a cockpit voice recorder, so that complete information for a flight can be stored.

Ever felt lost after an ATC instruction and wished you could hear it again? The Flight Data Recorder can be used in flight as a means to playback a past ATC transmissions (Digital ATC Recorder feature). It will also display your track during the last 10 minutes, so flight instructors can better evaluate maneuvers, according to company officials.

The data generated by the Flight Data Recorder can be imported into the Instructor Station program, and Google Earth 3D files can be exported, data plotted, PDF reports generated, etc. Any other data processing program (like Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, etc.) can also be used to process the data, officials noted.

Features include:

  • Records in-flight data (speed, altitude, pitch, bank, ground speed, g-forces, vertical speed, true and magnetic headings, distance travelled, …)
  • Records in-flight audio (input jack, Bluetooth and regular mic)
  • Digital Clearance Recorder, to play back any past ATC transmission.
  • Works in the background, so you can keep using your favorite apps while flying.
  • Can start recording automatically (when reaching 15 knots or after timer elapsed).
  • Can stop recording automatically (after maximum preset time).
  • Can send and share files via email.
  • Can download files to computer via iTunes.

It works seamlessly with the Instructor Station, to deliver:

  • Simultaneous audio and flight track playback (2D/3D in Google Earth)
  • Real-time visualization of data (speed, altitude, etc.) on plots.
  • Generation of PDF reports
  • Export KML files (Google Earth)
  • Approach vertical and horizontal plots
  • Print color plots of data

For more information: You can find it on iTunes here.


  1. says

    FDR Mobile – version 1.12 released


    * Speak-to-ME TAR engine !! This new tab is located under the WXR tab. Go to “More” and click the WXR tab.
    * Bring your METARs to life with this new feature. Listen to your METARs as if you were tuning an ATIS or AWOS station, and get the weather information while you are driving to the airport or doing anything else!
    * The METARs are sourced directly from the NCAR/FAA site.
    * To support this feature, a database of more than 35,000 world-wide airports has been added.
    * Density altitude optionally calculated (spoken in remarks section).
    * Bug fixes.

    Check the new Speak-to-ME TAR tutorial video here:

    More information:

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