FAA certifies MVP-50T Engine Analyzer for Air Tractors

At the National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) Convention in Reno, Nevada, Air Tractor reported that the Electronics International MVP-50T Engine Analyzer has received FAA certification for use in Air Tractor aircraft.

Air Tractor President Jim Hirsch says the certification follows more than a year of design and certification testing by the Olney, Texas, agricultural aircraft manufacturer.

MVP-50T-Main image“Evaluation and testing of the MVP-50T began in 2011, with the 1,000-gallon capacity Air Tractor AT-1002 serving as a test platform,” reports Hirsch. “Its performance was awesome.”

As part of its continuing support of NAAA programs and projects, Air Tractor donated one of the instruments, along with credit toward its installation, to the NAAA Live Auction held at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center Dec. 10. “This was a fun and helpful way to let ag operators know about this new offering from Air Tractor,” Hirsch said.

The winner of the MVP-50T was Al and Mike Schiffer, of Al’s Aerial Spraying in Ovid, Michigan.

The all solid-state electronics digital display of the MVP-50T provides complete engine performance information at a glance: Propeller tachometer, gas generator, internal turbine temperature, engine torque, oil pressure, oil temperature, battery voltage, generator output, fuel quantity, fuel flow, fuel pressure, time to empty, and other critical functions, according to company officials.

Other 50T features include Over and Under Temperature lights that provide pilots with immediate alerts whenever critical function parameters are exceeded during flight.

Onboard Data-Recording gives pilots the capability to review entire flight histories for any flight. Customizable Checklists allow the MVP-50T to visually inform the pilot which steps have and have not been completed in each checklist. General Information Screens and Flight Plan Screens can be customized to store critical flight information, allowing pilots to create a “virtual cockpit.” An onboard USB port allows pilots to change configurations, update firmware, upload checklists, upload flight plans, upload general information screens, and download critical flight data logs.

For more information: AirTractor.com

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