OPT offers discount for GAN readers

Online Pilot Training (OPT) is offering a holiday discount for General Aviation News readers. In addition to the 10% discount offered to anyone who completes the free Private Pilot Demo course, GAN readers can get an additional 30% off.

Available on the international market for a number of years, OPT was recently released for use in the U.S.

OPT is a web-based training and test prep platform that includes tools for new pilots seeking certification and tools for pilots who already have their license but want to continue learning, according to company officials.

The platform includes an integrated aviation library. Books and documents were built from the ground up for OPT and use a common navigation system. “This makes navigation a snap and results in easier and more efficient use of your study time,” company officials said.

The library also includes a subject-based table of contents that links you to all of the areas within the library (and additional resources outside of the library) that address each topic. All documents in the library are kept current so there is no need to buy a FAR/AIM every year.

There also are question databanks containing approximately 3,000 questions covering Private Pilot material. You can have these questions delivered in a Practice Quiz Mode or in a Flashcard Mode with many customizable options. Both of these delivery methods use an intelligent quiz engine that keeps track of the questions that you tend to answer incorrectly, allowing you to focus on any weak areas, company officials explain.

For the new pilot working towards a private pilot certificate, OPT offers all of the above plus a full Private Pilot Knowledge Course and Test Prep Suite. The Knowledge Course consists of more than 60 Learning Modules.

“We take pride in the fact that our Learning Modules cover material in great depth to help ensure thorough understanding of the material,” company officials said.

At the end of each Learning Module the user is provided with a reading assignment with hyperlinks to every page in every book in the library that has relevance for that topic.

Each topic ends with a short graded quiz. A full, printable report is made available at the end of the quiz and you are directed to the appropriate topic on the OPT Reference Page. This page provides hyperlinks to all areas within the library that address the topic at hand, officials said, noting this is an excellent way to find and review material for any area where you may need additional study time.

To find out how to get an additional 30% off this new product and try the free demo, go to Powerful-Learning.com/GANews. This is a limited time offer valid until Jan. 31, 2014.

Opportunity for CFIs

Powerful Learning is in the process of broadening its product line to include Commercial, Instrument, and ATP courses. It is looking for CFIs and CFIIs (active or retired) with a passion for aviation, good personal and writing skills, and a desire to earn extra money on a long-term basis. If you are interested, send an email to info@powerful-learning.com and include a little background and contact information.

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