AV-HD Pro Camera now at Aircraft Spruce

Datatoys and Aircraft Spruce have introduced the next generation 2014 cockpit camera.  The AV-HD Pro is designed specifically for aviation applications, featuring ultra-realistic 1080p resolution, a built-in GPS, and a host of other aviation-specific features.

Some of the AV-HD Pro’s advanced features include 3D Flight Path recording, allowing you to play back your flight in Google earth.

Av-HDLocation, speed, and altitude information can also be recorded right on your video.

A dual output option allows for video to be fed directly into your EFIS for live viewing or to an HDMI monitor for playback.

With a 2″ Chroma LCD, setup takes only a few seconds with a live view and controls in the palm of your hand, officials note.

Also included is a headset audio cable that allows the AV-HD Pro to record everything you say and hear, including ATC transmissions.

The AV-HD Pro system comes in a carrying case that includes two lithium-ion batteries and a cig-plug power adapter.  Also included are a variety of mounting solutions including, but not limited to: Suction mount, Clamp Mount, Spud Mount, and Strap mount.

With the smallest camera size on the market, the AV-HD Pro has reduced drag and buffeting versus other camera systems.

“By demand, we’ve also added a 6x electro-optical zoom function which is great for air-to-air and air-to-ground shots,” company officials said.

The AV-HD Pro is available immediately with an introductory price of $599 ($200 off the normal retail price of $799).

For more information: AircraftSpruce.com, or 877-477-7823 and reference part number 11-12268.

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