BRS for Cessna 182 offers useful load increase

SOUTH SAINT PAUL, Minn. — BRS Aerospace, manufacturer of whole aircraft parachute systems, recently reported that Cessna 182P and Q model owners who install a BRS system will gain a 160-pound gross weight increase.

The BRS is STC approved for the Cessna 172 and 182 models.

BRS-HRThis new iteration of the BRS will increase the net useful load by 65-75 pounds after the installation of the parachute, and will not require any modifications or additional hardware to the airframe once the BRS unit is installed, company officials said.

“This is great news for those C182 owners who may have wanted to install a BRS, but were hesitant due to the decrease in net useful load,” said Boris Popov, founder of BRS Aerospace. “Now, operators can fly with the assurance of a BRS on board, and have an additional 65-75 pounds of useful load to utilize as they wish. This is a win/win opportunity for operators.”

In addition, this new option will be at no extra cost to the purchaser, and is now included in every BRS C182P and Q sold, officials noted.

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  1. Keith says

    A BRS is a mixed blessing — witness the guy who pulled the handle when his Cirrus engine failed the other day, and he hit a truck on landing. If he had taken some time to look, he might have seen places to land . . .you know, just like a student pilot is taught to do . . ?

    Engine failure over, say, the Sierra Nevada, sure, pop the chute, but it should be the last option you take, not the first one.

  2. Mooney says

    How does adding a parachuette add to the useable load? Does it reduce the stall speed? I guess so if it is deployed.

    • Tim Bailey says

      There is a seperate STC for an increase in useful load on the 182 P and Q models. Paper STC only, based on a study by a private company that wanted to install some heavy camera equipment in their fleet of 182 P models. I suspect that BRS is using this STC to add in their chute

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