WildBlue Aircraft Sales teams with IMC Club

Aircraft sales company, WildBlue, LLC, and IMC Club have entered a joint marketing venture, with WildBlue committing to sponsoring the next five chapters of the international club.

IMC Clubs, the brainchild of Radek Wyrzykowski, is a membership-based non-profit 501(c)(3) organization focused on instrument rated pilots and flight instructors, with a network of chapters throughout the world. The purpose of the IMC Club is to promote instrument flying, proficiency and safety. Along with IFR flying and monthly local chapter meetings, IMC Club hosts a website that provides a number of resources for pilots.

WildBlue, founded in 2006 by Chris Kirk, helps owners and operators of single-pilot and owner-flown aircraft find buyers.

Kirk, who has flown professionally for over 23 years, has participated in numerous small group sessions to discuss, promote, and share real-world flying scenarios.

“There’s a tremendous amount of corporate knowledge that doesn’t get passed down to the individual owner/operator — the type of knowledge that makes one a better pilot,” says Kirk. “I like the fact that IMC Club is closing that knowledge gap and helping pilots who are truly interested in improving their skills to become safer aviators.”

“I am extremely excited about our cooperation with the Wild Blue Aircraft Sales and Chris Kirk, who is one of our IMC Club members,” said Wyrzykowski, president of IMC Club. “Aircraft ownership and safe flying goes hand in hand. Our objective at the IMC Club is to allow pilots help each other by exchange of their real life experience. I deeply appreciate WildBlue’s help, as a non-profit organization, our existence is solely dependent on people like Chris who understand what our organization is all about.”

WildBlue will sponsor the next five new IMC chapters in the central U.S. by helping them with the inaugural meeting setup and a substantial discount of their initiation fee.

For more information: IMCClubs.org or Wildbluellc.com



  1. Marc Coan says

    Gotta be in the Midwest? I’ve been wanting to start an ABQ chapter, but the initiation fee has kept me down.

  2. trentsmill says

    My research found that the cost of being a member of IMC is $3/mo or if you wish to start a chapter that will cost you $250. Help me out here, what is the “substantial” in this offer Mr. Kirk?

    • says

      That’s a good question Trent. Thanks for asking. We’re contributing $100 towards each clubs initiation fee as well as traveling to each location to provide food/drinks for their first meeting. In addition, we’re providing a discount to IMC Club members on brokerage services. We’ve given away one free membership so far and plan to do a half-dozen more in the coming months.

      This is really about helping a great organization that promotes flying safety and does it in a manner that should produce meaningful results. Defining “substantial” is really up to you. What’s interesting is that when we offer nothing, no one ever complains. It’s only when we offer something that people become skeptical. Human nature, I guess.

      If you or anyone else is interested in starting a club in the central U.S. we’d be thrilled to help you get it going. If you have a question directly for me I invite you to call me directly at 816-479-2723. I’d be more than happy to visit with you.

      Blue Skies!

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