Sun blinds pilot on landing

Aircraft: Beech Baron. Injuries: None. Location: Walterboro, S.C. Aircraft damage: Substantial.

What reportedly happened: The pilot was attempting to land in the late afternoon on a runway with a westerly heading.

uring the landing roll, the afternoon sun “blinded” the pilot, limiting his vision. The airplane drifted off the right side of the runway, encountered soft ground, and veered into a ditch.

Probable cause: The pilot’s loss of directional control during the landing roll, which resulted in a runway excursion. Contributing to the accident was the sun glare.

NTSB Identification: ERA12CA156

This January 2012 accident report is provided by the National Transportation Safety Board. Published as an educational tool, it is intended to help pilots learn from the misfortunes of others.


  1. Tom says

    The sleep apnea was really what got him,
    He just blamed it on the sun’s glare,
    Didn’t want the FAA to cite him,
    You know that they don’t play fair.

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