Foster Flight debuts Spark-On

Foster Flight is now shipping Spark-On, a solution to the growing concern about out-of-tolerance internal resisters in both massive electrode and fine wire plugs.

SparkONThese out-of-tolerance resistances have been linked to various issues from excessive electrode wear, RFI problems and hard starting to problems during regular operations especially at or near engine limits., according to company officials.

Spark-On was inspired by Neil Weaver of Weaver Aviation in Carson City, Nevada. Like many AIs, Neil insists on this check at each annual or anytime a plug is re-installed. While the check is simple it can be tedious to perform and often requires a ‘third hand’ to avoid dropping the plug during the check, he noted.

With Spark-On an entire tray of 12 plugs can be checked in under a minute.

Other Spark-On features:

  • Self-contained tester, small toolbox footprint. Tests all 14mm – 18mm shielded plugs.
  • Lifetime battery (10+ Years) included and sealed. Approximately 50,000 checks during lifetime.
  • Checks high limit (more than about 5,000 Ohms) and low limit (less than about 500 Ohms).
  • Triple redundant go/no go indicators: A good test yields Green light on, Red light off and a tone.
  • Spark-On will pay for itself in customer satisfaction and with the first few out-of-spec plugs.

Price: $49.95.

Foster Flight is a family business, formed in 2003 to develop Head-On, an optical collision avoidance system for GA and UAV applications.

Foster Flight was founded by Scott Foster, a Silicon Valley veteran with over 5,000 hours of PIC time in small airplanes and helicopters. Scott received his technical training in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering at MIT and Stanford.

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