Garmin Pilot enhanced

Garmin Pilot has kicked off the new year with the release of Version 6.0 for iOS and Version 2.8 for Android mobile devices.

Version 6.0 for iOS includes preflight planning enhancements, including to the Active FPL and File & Brief functions.

The company also revamped the look of Garmin Pilot since the introduction of iOS 7,  implementing many of the design elements from Apple’s new operating system.

Other enhancements include Backup Attitude Information on the new GDL 39 3D. A backup attitude indicator is displayed in split-screen mode as part of the Garmin panel page. The attitude indicator may be simultaneously displayed alongside flight plan information or the moving map page.

Another enhancement is compatibility with VIRB, Garmin’s HD action camera, while viewing flight plan information in Garmin Pilot. Pilots can take still photos and start/stop video recording all within Garmin Pilot in case VIRB is mounted in a non-accessible area, company officials explained.

Version 2.8 for Android allows Bluetooth-compatible Android mobile devices to display backup attitude information supplied from the GDL 39 3D, as well as ADS-B traffic and weather.

Garmin Pilot displays right traffic pattern recommendations at specific airports as needed, taking the guess-work out of whether right-hand traffic is suitable for a particular airport. This information can be viewed within the ‘Airports’ page by selecting ‘Runways.’

Frequencies are now available for many special use airspaces. To view, tap on the airspace to display the radial menu and select the airspace icon. Airspace frequencies are also available in split screen mode by selecting widgets.

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