Make the latest GoPro camera cockpit-ready

Sporty’s and NFlightcam have released a filter for the new GoPro Hero3+ video camera that reduces propeller blur. Attached to the outside of the camera, the filter will make it easy to shoot straight out the front of the cockpit without ugly lines, company officials say.

GoProMade in the United States, the filter is precision machined out of billet aluminum for a rugged design that will last, according to company officials. The bezel affixes to the lens portion of the camera’s case and will not block any of the camera buttons. The included filter is designed to remove the propeller lines in 90% of the conditions encountered on a typical VFR flight, officials note.

An audio cable is also available for the GoPro that allows pilots to record intercom and radio communications. This custom cable plugs into the side of the GoPro and includes a noise reduction filter for clear audio.

Sporty’s also offers two kits that include everything needed for cockpit videos. The Cockpit Kit includes a suction cup mount, propeller filter and audio cable, and is compatible with both the Hero3 and the Hero3+. The Deluxe Cockpit Kit includes a suction cub mount, two propeller filters (dark and light) and audio cable, plus the GoPro Skelton Case.

The GoPro HERO 3+ Prop Filter [8557A] is available for $59.99 and the GoPro Audio Cable [7349A] is available for $50. The Cockpit Kit [B1260A] is available for $99.99 and the Deluxe Cockpit Kit [B1965A] is available for $199.99.

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