Partnership for Corporate Aviation Training unveils new intiatives

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — The Partnership for Corporate Aviation Training, a non-profit organization, recently named new board members and officers, along with new initiatives and events. The sixth annual IA Renewal event will be March 11, while the sixth annual Smackdown will be held June 2-4.

According to officials, as the partnership becomes more established, it is looking to expand even more initiatives towards aviation education, not only for the business aviator, but for students interested in the business aviation profession as well. New scholarships will be awarded at the annual Smackdown event and the board is expanding Smackdown’s offerings this year to include a symposium dedicated to the business owner who flies his own aircraft.

“As the momentum and enthusiasm within PCAT builds, we continue to find new ways to bring training opportunities to dedicated corporate aviation professionals,” stated Kyle Lyssy, one of PCAT’s newest board members.

“PCAT is developing into an organization with broader aviation education interests. Not only will Smackdown be including more educational opportunities to the ‘owner-flown aircraft’ we will also be expanding the scholarship program,” said Shelly deZevallos, president of PCAT. “Kids are our future and aviation is an incredible way to expand upon STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curriculum.”

The 2014-2015 board members are: John Fitch, Lyssy, Scott Miller, Tripp Reidel, Joe Schnieders, Scott Solberg and John White. Elected officers for 2014-2015 are: Shelly deZevallos, President; Wayne Nelson, Vice President; Bill Thompson, Treasurer; Connie Harrison, Secretary.

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