Kings offer savings to pilots wanting to beat ATP deadline

To help pilots wanting to beat the FAA deadline by getting their ATPs before Aug. 1 — after which new requirements make it much more difficult — King Schools is offering a 50% saving on its ATP ground school and test prep.

John and Martha King said that King Schools will temporarily cut the price of the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Interactive Video Ground School and Exam Prep course to $149. The price will remain in effect until Aug. 1, 2014, when new ATP training requirements go into effect.

If you qualify for an ATP certificate, you will want to obtain it before that deadline because waiting just one day longer will require you to do expensive and time consuming full-motion, large-jet simulator and classroom training, the Kings  noted.

“If you have the hours, we want to motivate you to get your ATP now. Otherwise, you may miss an opportunity that will not come back. In fact, the high cost associated with getting an ATP after Aug. 1 may prevent many pilots from ever achieving this cherished certificate,” remarked Martha King.

ATP121-MainMenu_prThe King ATP ground school course takes customers through each topic with full-screen, bite-sized video segments, averaging 10 minutes in length. Each lesson is automatically followed by a quiz using actual FAA questions to check knowledge retention. The course tracks customer progress and includes a test prep section where customers can view questions by subject area, answered status, marked questions or in any combination. Unlimited, random practice tests are also available.

“We are so confident in the effectiveness of our ATP course that we guarantee customers will pass their FAA exam or they get their money back,” said John King.

The course is available online or on computer-installed PC-compatible discs.

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  1. Brent says

    Experience is always the answer to what regulations are trying to cure……but of course “profit” creeps into what common sense should be teaching all of us.

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