VKI hosts short course on UAVs and light aircraft design

The von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics will host its first-ever Short Course on UAVs and Light Aircraft Design, May 20-22, at the Institute’s facility near Brussels, Belgium.

Val02 - Aerosonde - Vds(4)The latest addition to the VKI’s annual Lecture Series, this three-day event is targeted to those involved in the design, fabrication, testing and operation of manned or unmanned light aircraft in industry or the homebuilt aircraft community.

Lectures will be presented by experts from industry and academia, including:

  • Didier Breyne, OAD: The aircraft design process in general; how to start the conceptual design; unusual concepts;
  • Ken Krueger, former chief engineer for the RV line of homebuilt aircraft, design consideration during the conceptual design; safety considerations; how to check your design; from theory to practice;
  • Jean Muylaert, Director, von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics: How to check your design — statistics, simulations, wind tunnel tests, flight tests;
  • Willem Anemaat, DAR Corporation: Aerodynamic and performance analysis during the preliminary design; weight and stability analysis during the preliminary design; aircraft systems;
  • Serkan Ozgan, Middle East Technical University, Turkey: Sizing methods (matrix methods and carpet plots);
  • P. Hendrick, Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB): Powerplant integration at the stage of the conceptual design.

At the same time, the VKI will be holding its first-ever competition on the design of high-speed UAVs. The first prize will be a wind tunnel test campaign in the Transonic/Supersonic facility at the VKI. So far, 17 teams and more than 100 students have registered for the competition, according to officials.

In addition, poster sessions, flight demonstrations of small UAVs, aircraft-related product displays, workshops, a tour of the VKI’s facilities, lunch and coffee breaks will be offered to all attendees.

For more information: VKI.ac.be

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