AOPA updates FlyQ

Frederick, MD – AOPA and partner Seattle Avionics have released Version 1.3 of the FlyQ EFB with new functions that include ADS-B traffic display, night mode, instrument procedure overlays and more.

Version 1.3 includes:

  • ADS-B traffic display with threat-sensitive color coding, distance ring, proximity filter, and time-based predictive paths;
  • A new “Night Mode” that converts chart and plate colors to preserve pilot night vision;
  • An easy way to add SIDs/STARs to flight plans with selectable routes and entry and exit points;
  • Approach procedure overlay on sectional charts with adjustable transparency;
  • A multi-page scratchpad that allows users to make notes on items such as frequencies, squawks and clearances;
  • Extended runway centerline displays with a right pattern (nonstandard) indicator when appropriate;
  • Interactive METAR/ TAF layer with a reduced number of screen taps to retrieve information;
  • Adjustable radar transparency to customize a chart view;
  • Functionality that allows users to quickly adjust altitude on synthetic vision to actual flying altitude with a tap of the screen.

Version 1.3 retains FlyQ’s most popular features, including multiple auto-routing options based on forecast winds aloft, split-screen, moving map, geo-referenced airport diagrams and approach procedures, track-up/north-up views, 3D synthetic vision and wind optimizer displays.

Pilots with existing FlyQ subscriptions can upgrade to Version 1.3 for free by accessing FlyQ EFB on the iTunes App Store. FlyQ EFB 1.3 also includes multiple fixes to improve user experience and overall app performance and stability.

First-time FlyQ users are eligible for a free, 30-day trial subscription. Visit for more information.


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