Eclipse receives STCs for auto throttle, brakes

Eclipse Aerospace has received Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for both the auto throttle and anti-skid brake (ASB) systems for the Eclipse 550 twin-engine jet.

The auto throttle, developed in partnership with Innovative Solutions & Support, is a first for FAR Part 23 aircraft, according to Eclipse officials.

The lightweight ASB system does not require a complex aircraft hydraulic system, reducing maintenance and allowing for simple operation with very few components, officials add.

With the addition of auto throttle system, Eclipse 550 pilots will be able to select the appropriate airspeed for the autopilot to maintain and the autopilot will automatically adjust the engine’s power settings in various phases of flight. Along with overspeed and underspeed protection, this new feature will  reduce the pilot’s workload, and increase the overall safety of flight, according to company officials.

The anti-skid brake system, which can be retrofitted to all Eclipse 500 with the IFMS avionics package, allows for maximum braking energy and skid control, officials note.

The new ASB system will include a brake control valve installed in each wheel well, two axle-mounted wheel speed sensors, a logic control board and a software update to the Avio Processing Center. Testing has shown the ASB system will stop an aircraft, under dry runway conditions and at normal landing speeds (70-100 knots), in approximately 700 feet.

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