Droneport.com launches

A new website dedicated to supporting the integration of unmanned aerial vehicles — commonly known as drones — into the existing aviation infrastructure, is now live at Droneport.com.

“The sooner we can identify common ground and a mutual language between these two industries, the sooner both can benefit from increased commercial drone operations,” said Brad Hayden, publisher of Droneport. “Together, the established aviation industry and the nascent commercial drone community represent the future of flight.”

“Drones provide the opportunity for growth and new missions and aviation provides a proven FAA-approved infrastructure,'” said Scott Spangler, Droneport’s editor. “This ranges from collegiate aviation programs and designated engineering representatives to FAA repair stations for avionics, airframes, and powerplants. As they are to the rest of aviation, repair stations are what will sustain commercial drone operations by providing the necessary maintenance, inspections, and required record keeping.”

Droneport’s mission is to help those who build, fly, operate, and maintain drones make the transition from personal experiments to commercial operations.

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