SwitchBox Control adds new features

NEW YORK — SwitchBox Control has introduced new features to its remote power-switching device, used by aircraft owners to preheat their aircraft engines during wintertime operations.

The new model incorporates heavier duty power cords with LED indicators, according to company officials.

“The one feature that customers had requested was power-on indication letting them know when the unit was operating,” said Phillip Angert, a pilot who is president of Switchbox. “So with this new model we have added this feature by adopting a heavier power cord with integral LED indicators to show when power is present.”

SwitchBox provides an alternative to leaving heat plugged in all winter, or for extended periods, company officials said. Using SwitchBox, aircraft owners can operate their preheater selectively. This saves on electricity consumption and has the added benefit of protecting an aircraft’s engine from corrosion caused by temperature variations and moisture accumulation.

Operation of SwitchBox can be performed by a telephone call, text or the free iPhone or Android app. The app also reports usage, status changes, signal strength, and more.

SwitchBox can separately power on two electrical devices up to a maximum 15 Amps and 1500 Watts. This allows the pilot to prep for flight in any number of ways, such as powering up a GPS, avionics, security lighting, or even a coffee maker.

The system includes a 6-foot antenna extension with magnetic mount, 1-year manufacturer parts and labor warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee.

The new model sells for $324.99.

For more information: SwitchboxControl.com

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