Wearable WingX: WingX Pro7 for Pebble

Hilton Software has introduced WingX Pro7 for Pebble, which uses the watch’s low-energy Bluetooth connection to integrate with the WingX Pro7 running on an iPad or iPhone.

WingX Pro7 for Pebble displays crucial navigation information including:

  • GPS Speed, Track, Altitude, and WAAS flag
  • Estimated Time Enroute (ETE), Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), Desired Track (DTK), and Distance (NM or SM) simultaneously to the next waypoint and the destination
  • Battery indicators for both the Pebble and the iPad or iPhone
  • A configurable timer for timing fuel or instrument approaches

WingX Pro7 for Pebble provides four types of vibration warnings to the pilot:

  1. The timer has expired – useful for timing fuel tank changes or instrument approaches
  2. When passing a fix in the route – to prevent pilots from missing a turn or a step-down
  3. Pre-selected altitude warning – helpful in preventing pilot deviations
  4. Upon descending below 1,000 feet above field elevation – before-landing checklist reminder

Dr. Hilton Goldstein, founder of Hilton Software, explained: “At first I was skeptical of Pebble’s use in aviation. Now I find its potential to be incredible. Pebble’s e-paper screen is easy to read in bright sunlight, the timer is easy to use, and the navigation information is simple to understand. But what I find most intriguing is the vibration notification system. Pebble’s vibration really gets your attention. For decades, designers have studied ways of alerting pilots – few of which have had much success. I believe that wearable devices provide a paradigm shift that may help us make measurable headway in reducing accident rates.

“Moreover, as we continue to expand WingX Pro7’s reach into the system data bus of Boeing, Airbus, and various military aircraft, I envision a new breed of aircraft warning systems based upon wearable devices,” he continued. “As a military contractor that develops software for cramped airplane cockpits and helicopters, we are very excited about the potential that this new wearable technology has across the gamut of aviation.”

WingX Pro7 for Pebble runs on Pebble and Pebble Steel and will be in the Pebble appstore later this month. The March update of WingX Pro7 for iOS is required (pending approval by Apple).

For more information: HiltonSoftware.com

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