Executive Flyers Aviation celebrates 50 years

BEDFORD, Mass. — Executive Flyers Aviation celebrated its 50th anniversary March 4. The family owned flight school and aircraft repair station has been in constant operation at the Laurence G. Hanscom Field Airport in Bedford, Mass., since 1964.

The school has continued to evolve over the last half-century, incorporating the latest technological advances in flight training, including its new full-motion virtual reality flight simulator, a tool that in 1964 was only available to elite test pilots and astronauts.

“It is unbelievable to look back and see how we’ve grown,” stated Rita Goulian, president at Executive Flyers Aviation. “We have been so fortunate. The number of students and customers that have turned into lifelong friends is astonishing. It is why we are here.”

Rita and Matthew Goulian of Executive Flyers Aviation celebrate 50 years of service in the flight training industry.

Rita and Matthew Goulian

Founded by the late Myron Goulian and his wife Rita, Executive Flyers Aviation began with a single airplane. Its fleet now consists of 15 airplanes including Cirrus, Cessna, multiengine, complex, and aerobatic airplanes spread across two locations, in Bedford and Lawrence. Among its alumni are numerous airline, corporate, and military pilots; two US National Aerobatic champions, and one NASA astronaut.

Management of the flight school has also expanded, with Michael and Matthew Goulian working alongside their mother, Rita.

Michael Goulian

Michael Goulian

“Executive Flyers Aviation has always done its best to be at the forefront of flight training. We have made it a goal to never rest on our laurels, to pursue excellence, and to ensure that we have the best instructors with the best fleet of aircraft available which is why we have aligned ourselves with leaders in the aviation world like Cirrus Aircraft and Redbird Flight Simulations,” added Michael Goulian, Red Bull Air Race pilot, airshow performer, and chief pilot at Executive Flyers.

The aircraft repair division of Executive Flyers is housed in a 10,000-square-foot hangar at the Lawrence Municipal Airport. “We started in two tiny hangars and now we are here. I am proud of what we’ve done, proud of our technicians, and proud of the work we accomplish,” added Matthew Goulian, director of maintenance for Executive Flyers Aviation.

Executive Flyers Aviation will be holding a series of events and promotions throughout 2014 to celebrate its 50 years of operation.

For more information: ExecutiveFlyers.com


  1. Dan Courtney says

    Congratulations for 50 years of Executive Flyers Rita. Where has the time gone? I was taught by Mike and the best flight instructor I ever had and also had the privilege of working with him as a CFI at Executive Flyers. Dan Courtney

  2. Albert Beckwith says

    Congratulations on your History and the success of Family.

    Al Beckwith Leasing Company & Commercial Aviation since 1966 at !g3.

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