Hartzell’s Bantam propeller approved for diesel-Powered Skyhawks

The FAA has awarded Hartzell Propeller a Supplemental Type Certificate to install the company’s recently type certified high performance Bantam series three-blade propeller on diesel-powered Cessna Skyhawk aircraft.

The Hartzell Bantam propeller series are small, lightweight two and three blade propellers with a thin, wide chord and swept high performance airfoils, according to company officials.

The recent approval covers installation of Hartzell’s three-blade Bantam propellers, featuring carbon fiber structural composite blades and composite spinners, on Cessna C-172s with Centurion diesel engines.

HarzellDieselThe lightweight Bantam three-blade propeller weighs 35.3 pounds, including spinner, and replaces the previously supplied wood-core propellers.

With a new Bantam propeller the aircraft cruises approximately three knots faster from 75% up to max power, has 15% faster acceleration time to 45 KIAS and shows a 50-75 fpm increase in max power rate of climb, according to company officials.

The Bantam series propellers utilize Hartzell’s carbon fiber monocoque construction, including field replaceable electroformed hard nickel erosion shields, allowing for maximum damage tolerance and field repairability, important in flight school environments and on unimproved runways, officials note.

The three-blade Bantam propellers for Centurion-powered Skyhawks have a 2,400 hour recommended Time Between Overhaul, as well as a warranty that covers the propeller and spinner for three years or 1,000 hours, whichever occurs first.

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