IsisCopter taps Robotic Skies for maintenance Services

IsisCopter, a custom manufacturer of multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) airframes, has selected the Robotic Skies Service Center network for ongoing inspections and field maintenance for its commercial line of products.

IsisCopter customers will receive customized maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of their rotor platforms, provided by local aircraft electronics experts, according to company officials.

The Robotic Skies Service Center is a network of FAA Part 145 repair stations. As the commercial drone industry gets ready to take-off, Robotic Skies will tap into the experience of “FAA-approved” maintenance professional.

“IsisCopter airframes are high performance, commercial rotorcraft. Their unique capabilities and overall durability allows our customers to fly them in very demanding mission environments where they can be exposed to constant wear and tear,” said Gus Calderon, owner and president of IsisCopter. “The Robotic Skies Service Center network guarantees that our customers will have access to local maintenance providers, assuring that their craft is professionally serviced and upgraded with minimum downtime.”

Utilizing the cloud-based Robotic Skies Service Software, IsisCopter can customize a maintenance and troubleshooting program optimized for their specific rotorcraft.

The service software also allows manufacturers, like IsisCopter, to track the ongoing maintenance of their customer’s airframes throughout the life of the craft, no matter where they are serviced.

In addition, the service software provides performance and reliability data back to the manufacturer, where the information can be used as a basis for future airworthiness certifications and product enhancements, company officials explained.

“Robotic Skies Service Centers have decades of experience maintaining the manned aviation fleet, and we are now bringing that experience to bear on unmanned aerial systems,” said Brad Hayden, President and CEO of Robotic Skies. “By utilizing our field service network, IsisCopter is giving its customers access to maintenance options that will keep their rotorcraft flying their high performance missions.”

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