Dynon unveils The New SkyView

Dynon Avionics has unveiled The New SkyView integrated avionics system.

The latest edition of Dynon’s flagship product includes SkyView Touch, two new control panels, and dozens of new features in SkyView 10.0 software.

Dynon’s pilot-engineers designed SkyView to have a clean and intuitive interface so pilots can focus on the flying, not the technology, said Michael Schofield, Marketing Manager.

With SkyView Touch, Dynon created an interface designed to complement — not replace — the physical controls on SkyView. SkyView Touch adds the convenience of touch when you want it but keeps a full set of buttons and joystick knobs for precise control in turbulence, company officials noted.

SkyView Touch preserves SkyView’s sunlight-readable and glare-rejecting screen.

SkyView Touch is priced at $3,995 (MSRP), $395 above the non-touch 10” display, and will be available in April.

Existing SkyView SV-D1000 displays can be upgraded to touch for  $795.

Complementing SkyView displays are the new SV-KNOB-PANEL and SV-AP-PANEL Control Panels. The Knob Control Panel has dedicated controls for the most-frequently adjusted items — altitude bug, altimeter setting (baro), and heading/track bug. The Autopilot Control Panel provides single button activation of all autopilot modes, including LEVEL mode and flight director. It has a built-in two-axis speed-sensitive trim controller. Both products are backlit, dimmed by SkyView, and available in horizontal and vertical versions.

The SV-KNOB-PANEL can be added to any SkyView system for $250 (MSRP). The SV-AP-PANEL can be added to any SkyView system for $550 (MSRP). Both will ship April.

Pilots new to glass can transition utilizing SkyView’s new “six-pack” primary flight instruments. Familiar round gauge depictions bridge the classic “retro” instruments with the state-of-the-art, company officials said. Pilots can switch between six-pack and the modernized EFIS display instantaneously. Six-Pack mode is included in the upcoming free SkyView 10 software update.

Customers with two engines can now equip with dual EMS modules to monitor each engine independently. Two engine modules can also be used by pilots with larger engines to monitor all of their EGTs and CHTs, eliminating the need for them to choose which cylinders to monitor. Up to 28 total EGTs and CHTs can be monitored along with all other typical engine sensors.

SkyView’s map gains geo-referenced VFR sectional charts and IFR Lo/Hi charts with SkyView 10 software. All US charts are available through a partnership with Seattle Avionics at no price increase from the existing procedure chart subscriptions, according to company officials. This means that $99 will buy customers a year of IFR/VFR procedure charts (plates), VFR sectionals, IFR Lo/Hi charts, and all FAA and Flight Guide airport diagrams. All products are geo-referenced. With US digital airport/aviation/obstacle data available free from Dynon’s website, there aren’t any added hidden database costs, officials add.

For more information: TheNewSkyView.com


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