Garmin debuts AOA

Garmin has introduced an angle of attack (AOA) system available for simple installation in general aviation aircraft.

This system is comprised of the new GI 260 AOA indicator, GAP 26 angle of attack probe, and GSU 25 air data computer.

The GI 260 is designed to offer pilots a quick, at-a-glance understanding of AOA during the most critical phases of flight and offers audible alerts during high-workload situations, according to Garmin officials.

Angle of attack offers a precise display of the angle between the wing and the oncoming flow of air. The AOA system provides pilots with a visualized indication of the flight characteristics leading to a stall using a combination of colors and chevrons to help the pilot easily interpret AOA information.

When approaching an impending stall, the GI 260 AOA indicator provides pilots with progressive audible and visual alerts as the aircraft nears the critical angle of attack.

The AOA system is expected to be available for installation in general aviation aircraft in the third quarter with prices starting at $1,499.

Various packages are available that accommodate the appropriate aircraft voltage and the option for a heated probe. Additionally, the GI 260 AOA indicator is available as an option for G3X for $249 and is expected to become available in the second quarter.

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