LifeFlight of Maine adds four AWOS


Belfort Instrument Co. reports it has received an order from LifeFlight of Maine for four additional Belfort AWOS AV units.

“When these four additional Belfort AWOS units are installed, Maine will have a network of 17 Belfort systems,” said Ralph F. Petragnani, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Belfort.

The Belfort Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS AV) will provide the LifeFlight AeroMedical service with Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Wind Gusts, Temperature, Humidity, Dewpoint, Altimeter Setting, Density Altitude, Visibility, and Cloud Height.

The new AWOS system locations will be announced later by Thomas P. Judge, Executive Director for LifeFlight of Maine.

All of the current, and future AWOS, disseminate the current weather via VHF broadcast, telephone, as well as over the Internet.

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  1. drew says

    shouldn’t nws and faa be doing this for us all
    it’s great and should be done nationwide,
    is the data moved to the national system or do we have to access it in a different way

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