Piper delivers 550th Meridian

VERO BEACH, Fla. — Piper Aircraft today delivered the company’s 550th new Meridian to a Swedish customer who purchased the first new Meridian to enter service in that Northern European country.

Håkan Svensson, Chief Executive Officer of Aston Harald AB, located in Öckerö, Sweden, accepted delivery of the Piper Meridian, his first aircraft, in ceremonies at Piper’s Vero Beach headquarters and manufacturing campus.

piperSvensson, who is pursuing his pilot’s license, plans to use the aircraft in his business and for personal flying. The aircraft will be operated by a professional pilot until he achieves sufficient ratings and experience to perform as pilot in command in European airspace. 

Aston Harald AB is engaged in service, technical maintenance and consulting services to ship owners, shipyards and marine-related businesses. The company also provides personnel to companies in the transport and engineering sectors, and is involved in a number of other businesses.

For more information: Piper.com

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