TBM 900 uses Hartzell standby alternator

Daher-Socata has selected Hartzell Engine Technologies new lightweight, 100-amp ES-10024B-5 unit as the standby alternator aboard the new-generation TBM-900.

“The TBM-900 is a truly advanced airplane and we are very proud to have our lightweight, 100-amp standby alternator selected as standard on this exciting new aircraft,” Disbrow stated. “While the new ES-10024B-5 shares technologies with other Hartzell alternator units, this model has been developed specifically to meet the unique power requirements of the TBM-900’s completely revamped electrical system.”

“We selected the new Hartzell alternator for a variety of reasons: the company’s reputation, the new technologies they offered, the unit’s light weight, and the most important reason – with 100 amps, it gives the pilot the options to select what needs to be loaded in the event of a main generator failure,” stated Nicolas Chabbert, President and CEO, Socata North America. “It also allows us to contemplate other applications for the TBM Multi-Mission, such as medevac with the adequate level of power especially on stand-by.”

Disbrow said that in order to meet the current regulations, DAHER-SOCATA needed a “self-exciting” standby alternator that is able to come on line to power to the TBM-900’s electrical system and its Garmin G1000 avionics suite in the extremely unlikely event of a failure in the primary generator and battery.

“This design retains a small amount of residual magnetism, so when it is switched on by the crew, the new ES-10024B-5 has the ability to develop 100-amps of electrical power without the use of a separate power source,” he explained.

“DAHER-SOCATA’s selection helps us maintain our leadership position as a provider of alternators for today’s leading single-engine turbine aircraft supplying standby, secondary and even primary electrical power,” Disbrow said. “In addition to the new TBM-900, we provide alternators for the Cessna Caravan, Piper Meridian and the forthcoming Cirrus SF50 Vision personal jet.”

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