Sensenich introduces prop for RVs and other fast homebuilts

Sensenich Propellers announces that its adjustable composite propeller for the Lycoming O-360 has passed all its own tests and also complies with ASTM standards, and is ready to ship to owners of Van’s RV models 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 that are powered by the four-cylinder engine.

The two-blade prop with its aluminum hub and available precut, balanced spinner weigh about 20 pounds, considerably lighter than similar-sized metal props, and rivaling the weight of wood, according to company officials.

Blades come in any combination of red, white, grey, yellow, or classic black, and index without special tools, using the same Pitch Gage System accepted on the Sensenich O-320 and 3-blade Rotax props.

Sensenich“This O-360 prop gives the builders of Van’s and other high-performance designs — the Wittman Tailwind, Mustang II, or Thorpe designs come to mind — a versatile prop for the O-360. This new prop, along with our O-320 propeller, carries no rpm range restrictions, to allow optimum cruising,” said Don Rowell, Sensenich President.

The new Sensenich O-360 prop and its O-320 sibling conform to ASTM standards. The 72” diameter O-360 prop has demonstrated speed increases of 5-10 mph over the full range of practical throttle settings, along with superior throttle response and acceleration in real-world flying tests against existing-design propellers from other manufacturers, company officials said.

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