Executive Flight Center celebrates 10 years at KMDQ

Executive Flight Center is marking 10 years of operation at KMDQ, Madison County Executive Airport in Meridianville, Alabama.

Founded by Ray and Donna Meyer in 2004, the FBO has increased total fuel sales volume over 300% since that first day, according to officials.

“This 10th anniversary is a great milestone for us,” said Ray Meyer, president of Executive Flight Center. “We are very pleased that our customers have recognized the value of our FBO and the Executive Airport.”

“During our tenure at KMDQ, the airport has added an ILS, GPS/WAAS approaches, and extended the runway from 5,000 feet to 6,500 feet. These improvements have had a significant impact on attracting the larger corporate jet traffic. We’re excited to continue our growth into the next 10 years,” added Donna Meyer.

For more information: ExecutiveFlightCenter.com


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