City officials visit Comp Air

TITUSVILLE, Florida — The Mayor of Titusville, Florida, Jim Tulley and Economic Development Director Laura Canady recently paid a visit to Comp Air Aviation to see first-hand the company’s manufacturing facility and the Privateer, an amphibian aircraft that has been under construction for the past several months.

The mayor, a 28-year resident of Titusville, is no stranger to aviation since he retired as a Navy captain, and spent his first seven years of active duty in Naval Aviation and 20 years as a Reserve Engineering Duty Officer. The mayor has spent 25 years at Kennedy Space Center writing ground support software.


Ron Lueck, CEO of Comp Air Aviation, shows Mayor Jim Tulley the Privateer.

Ron Lueck, CEO of Comp Air Aviation, shows Mayor Jim Tulley the Privateer.

The Privateer was developed to be the safest design possible for water and land operations, according to company officials. The aircraft is built of carbon fiber composites, making a light and strong airframe that is protected against the corrosion often associated with water-borne aircraft. The aircraft is powered by the 724-hp Walter 601 series turbine engine.

Most of the major components of the Privateer — wings, fuselage, tail group and floats — were layed up prior to Comp Air Aviation taking on the aircraft completion project. In as little as three months the wings and center section were installed on the fuselage and then attached to the floats. All the pieces removed from the mold were then trimmed and fitted to the aircraft. The horizontal stabilizer and elevator are complete and are ready for control system integration, according to company officials.

With the build process going as planned, first flight is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.

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