New edition of Air Traffic Control Career Prep released

Now available is the latest edition of The Air Traffic Control Career Prep by Dr. Patrick R. Mattson.

ASA ATC career prepThe guide introduces readers to the aviation industry, the FAA’s role, and what they can expect as they pursue a career as an air traffic controller. Also included is general information on opportunities, working conditions and benefits, as well as training and qualification requirements.

This third edition offers access to the ATC Career Prep Software Suite for students to become familiar with and practice the eight tests in the AT-SAT exam (the ATC pre-employment and aptitude test). Sample questions, answers, and explanations for each of the subjects are provided, including analogies, scan ability, angles and applied math, dial reading, and ATC scenarios.

Industry reports claim that nearly 12,000 new air traffic controllers will be needed over the next 10 years.

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