Pacific Aviation Museum to commemorate The Battle of Midway

HONOLULU – Marking the 72nd anniversary of the turning point of World War II, Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor will present a special program June 7 featuring Curator and Author Burl Burlingame and the museum’s Restoration Manager Jim Martinelli.

The presentation will begin at 2 pm in the Museum Theater, followed by an audience question and answer session.

Burlingame will present a talk titled “Flying Fortresses Over Midway.” The Boeing B-17 played an important roll in The Battle of Midway.

SwampGhostFollowing the Q & A session, the audience will be invited out to Hangar 79 for a special presentation and behind-the scenes look at the restoration progress of the museum’s Boeing B-17E Flying Fortress — the famous “Swamp Ghost,” Martinelli.

The event is free with regular museum admission and free to museum members.

For more information: 808-441-1000 or


  1. Lee Ensminger says

    What about the Battle of the Coral Sea? I’m touring Australia right now in a motorhome [campervan, as they say here] and visited the park and memorial to the battle in the town of Cardwell by the Sea. I guarantee the Australians haven’t forgotten the losses of Lexington, Sims and Neosho and the valiant Americans who lost their lives in the battle which prevented the Japanese from gaining a foothold on Port Moresby, which would have been followed by the bombing and invasion of the northern Australian mainland.

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