New multi-surface amphibious floats introduced

Full-Lotus Floats by Aircraft Floats Mfg. has introduced its newest multi-surface amphibious floats equipped for paved runways, gravel, dirt and grass.

The new all-season multi-surface amphibious system installs to most light aircraft up to 1,450 pounds, according to company officials.

Recently unveiled at SUN ‘n FUN, the new floats are suited for LSA-type aircraft.

The tough plastic shells resist rocks and other hazards; flat bottoms allow operations in just a few inches of water; large wheels handle soft fields, and the pressurized air of the multiple “bladders” (air-bags) offers shock-absorbing capabilities, company officials said.

floats“We have optimized this new design with a unique main wheel system that retracts within the body of the inflated float. This better protects the wheels, keeps landing loads centralized and greatly reduces drag while flying. It also maintains the sleek good looks of the well-known Full-Lotus floats,” says Nick Heintz for the manufacturer.

The new float system is in production now; one of the first aircraft types to be equipped with it is the popular kit-built Kitfox.

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