Ameritech names two new service centers in Alaska

Ameritech Industries, the parent company of Eagle Engines and American Propeller, has named Northland Aviation Services in Fairbanks and Seaplanes North in Anchorage are new sales and distribution centers in Alaska.

Both Northland Aviation and Seaplanes North will have available the four and six cylinder Electroair Certified Electronic Ignition Systems for Continental and Lycoming engines.

The EIS-41000 and EIS-61000 STC’d ignition kits are currently approved for Cessna, Bellanca, Beechcraft, Piper, Mooney, Maule, Meyers, Navion and more with additional aircraft models being added regularly.

The Electroair electronic ignition system replaces one magneto with a Crankshaft Trigger Wheel (CTW) or Magneto Timing Housing (MTH) which feeds engine position and RPM information to the Controller. The Controller also receives input from the MAP sensor, computes the amount of dwell, adjusts timing, and signals the coils to fire directly into the spark plugs.

As a result, you will gain 10-15% in fuel economy, smoother engine operation, improved high altitude performance, improved horsepower, reduced hot start problems, reduced spark plug fouling and reduced maintenance costs at 500 hour intervals and at engine overhaul, according to company officials.

Additional CTW and MTH systems are in development for the Continental O-300, IO-360, TSIO-360, IO-550, TSIO-520 and TSIO-550, along with systems for the Lycoming TIO-540 engines. Further, a Magneto Timing Housing (MTH) style system for most Continental engines is in development. The MTH style system will have no restrictions for clearances or deice being installed.

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