NextGen progressing, FAA tells Congress

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The FAA is making progress in the next generation air traffic control (NextGen) program, Deputy Administrator Mike Whitaker said in a report to the Congress. Whitaker was appointed Chief NextGen Officer a year ago.

In his report, Whitaker said the FAA has “strengthened our partnerships with key stakeholders, coming to an agreement on a set of near-term capabilities that both the FAA and industry will concentrate on over the next three years.”

Whitaker highlighted some of the technological achievements that airline passengers are benefitting from.

He added that general aviation pilots are enjoying greater access to airports across the country — especially in bad weather. Air traffic controllers, said, have new tools to help them make critical decisions.


  1. Tom says

    “…enjoying greater access to airports across the country”. What??? Please don’t tell me what I am or am not enjoying. Quite frankly I have not been enjoying greater access to anything and “next gen” or what everever that is, is just designed to cost me more money to buy something in avionics and cause more rules and regulations that I don’t want and it just doesn’t give me more access to anything. If you want to do something productive how about giving us more access to mogas if you please. Thank you in advance – apparently WAY in advance.

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